My LPS Story
 I started getting LPS at the age of 6 or 7.I got it at a Target near where I  live.My mom got it for me and I didn't play with it for a year or a year and a half.I started to play with it when my friend saw it.I loved it but I only had 2 LPS.So I sent my dad out to get some more.Soon I have over 10 LPS.(I was 8)Then I saw a new things on the web called "Youtube".(I was 9)Then my friend showed me a video named "LPS Popular Episode 3" By SophieGTV,she was amazed at Sophie's work.And I loved it,too.Later that day she showed me a new video on Youtube named "Creeply LPS Episode 1"by ElizaLPS.She loved her work,too.I loved it also.And then I started to look up more and more LPS videos on Youtube.I liked them too.And in September 2011(Age 10) I started youtube.I didn't think I would be as popular as I am today.Then I get my first subscribe and my first friend on Youtube.In less then 1 week I had over 10 friends and in about 2 monthes I had 100.I didn't really start making good videos until Feb 4th of 2012 with my best show "LPS It's My Life" I was so happy.The first time I made it was with my phone and it was terrible.People hated it and didn't like me because of it.I hated it sooo much but this was back in Dec of 2011.So I deleted all of them and then I remade them.In less then 5 months LPS It's My Life Episode 1 had over 1,000 views!And then I  know this was gonna be big.So I kept on making shows because my  friends and I liked them and then soapy8471 is POPULAR!And that is my story so I hope you like it;)It took a long time to write,but thanks for reading!
Q:How old are you?
A:Not going to say:P
Q:Will you show people my channel?
Q:When is your Birthday?
A:In Jan-Dec
Q:How many LPS do you have:
A:I don't know!XD
Q:May I have an icon and background?
A:Only my friends get those......
Q:Can we be friends?
Q:What state do you live in?>:)
A:LPS California;)
Q:Your videos are dumb.
A:Thank you!I'm now 1 hater stronger:).
Q:I love your videos,will you check out mine?
A:I don't do it if you ask but thanks
Q:What camcorder do you use?
A:I use a Sony Handycam with Mega zoom + more!I was about 330$Bur I want a new one!Mine has terrible quilty!
Q:Who does you BG's,Icons,and Website?
A:I do:)

None,school has started.I'm on youtube,but don't make videos.Not because I don't want to,but because I have lost many of my LPS:(​


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